Common Errors in the English Language Create Barriers to Success

One of the major challenges for non-English speaking people who enter Australia is, obviously, their struggle with the language. This creates significant barriers in their social interaction with others, prospects for employment, access to social and business services, and their continuing education. Hundreds of thousands of people in this situation have taken up this challenge, […]

History Offers Opportunities to Rethink the Progress of Civilization

There is a famous saying that goes something like “those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.” A look back at the history of human habitation on this planet would tell us that in some areas we have made miraculous strides and in others, we have hardly progressed beyond […]

Tutor Skills Needed More Than Ever For University Study

When students work with a tutor to get a specific result, they may have been receiving this assistance for a number of years. For example, if their area of weakness was Maths and this was identified in mid-primary school, they may have been working with a Maths tutor for two to three years prior to […]

Why Worry?

This blog comes as a warning. I have decided to launch into the topic of ‘time wasting,’ a subject that I might add, I am quite proficient at. Now, stop nodding your head and thinking that you know all about procrastination and that I can’t tell you anything that hasn’t been said before. I am […]

Lessons in Geography Show the Versatility of Personal Tutors

With parents desperate to give their children every educational opportunity, the use of personal tutors to supplement the work done by teachers in schools and universities continues to grow in popularity. Once the province of the well-to-do, ordinary families are now rearranging priorities to ensure the funds are available to engage personal tutors for their […]

Positive Habits Essential To Success

One of the wonderful things about achieving success in life is that it is not dependent upon being born into a wealthy family, or being dazzlingly beautiful, or even being exceptionally gifted. While having those three attributes in your life may make the road easier, it is just as often not the case. For example, […]

The Connotation of Phrases

On the 28th January, 1953 a nineteen year old Derek William Bentley was hanged in England for uttering five simple words.  Those words were Let him have it, Chris. It began when Bentley and his mate, Christopher Craig, attempted to rob a warehouse of confectionery manufacturers.  Living opposite, a girl who witnessed the break-in alerted […]

Maths Tuition Gives Every Child An Extra Advantage

Every responsible parent wants to give their child the opportunity to be the best that they can be, and to have multiple options when it finally comes to choosing a career. An essential part of this desire is the quality of the education the child receives, whether in the public or private system. With demand […]

Exposure To A Second Language Essential To Childhood Development

The Australian education system has been relatively slow in comparison to other countries in recognizing the whole-of-life benefits of learning a second language. While High School students have had access to second language education for many years, it is only in recent times that this has extended into primary school. Unfortunately, one of the main […]

Another Perspective Regarding Tutoring

As parents we all want our children to succeed, but we also know that the school curriculum these days is overcrowded, even in the best of schools. Many children are genuinely doing the best they can but feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of tasks and subject matter they are presented with every day. Others […]

Questions to Ask at Parent-Teacher Meetings

When it comes to parent-teacher conferences there is a fine line between helpful and humiliating as awkward silences suffocate classrooms Australia-wide. Schools are the primary environment for child development both mentally and socially, hence, these conferences are vital to engage in your child’s growth. However, as an independent party uninvolved in the education system, it […]

Team Work in Assignments – Essential or Exasperating?

When it comes to group assignments, the majority of students will have one of two opinions; that it’s a brutally unfair theft of work, or that it is the best idea in the world because now they can kick back and watch TV while the class valedictorian earns them an A+. The reality is that […]


Involving Students in Their Own Learning

In a classroom full of peers, a single misstep can be a devastating blow to a student’s confidence, a crowded room can mean their questions remain unresolved and a competitive environment can foster stress and anxiety regarding their academic ability. As a result, many students find themselves falling behind as victims of academic disengagement, affecting […]

What Type of Learner Are You?

The experience of trying to engage a child to sit still and focus on the task in front of them can often be likened to herding cats. The problem is what draws one in may bore another to the point where they simply lose all interest in a topic. A key aspect of this is […]

Positive Study Habits Best Learnt Early in Academic Life

A study of Australian university participation rates conducted in 2018 found that one in five students are more likely to drop out than complete university. A number of causal factors were identified such as changing to a different university or course, deferring with the intention to return in the future and others. Sadly, failing courses […]

Personal Tuition for the Overachiever

There are many students already at the top of their class who use personal tuition to achieve a level of education over and above their current grade. They may be aiming higher to get a scholarship or for the super-competitive, just to test themselves against their peers. As a professional sports person uses a trainer […]

Reading – The Ultimate Escape

Have you ever felt bogged down, perhaps in a rut or maybe even overwhelmed with what life has dished up to you at the moment? Sometimes, and often without reason, people can be overcome with a desire to just run away, escape and hide from the world. For a lucky few the possibility of real, […]

Personal Tutors Give High School Graduates a Flying Start at Uni

There are many challenges to be faced when undertaking university study for the first time. Of course, the obvious ones are all connected with the subject material, and the demands of studying and submitting assignments at a much higher level than required at the secondary education level. Some of the not-so-obvious challenges centre around a […]

Get a Head Start on the School Year with a Personal Tutor

We all know that the start of any new venture or experience is exciting but at the same time tinged with apprehension, as everything that lies before us is an unknown. When that start is a positive one, the rest of the experience tends to follow the same pattern; but if things go awry, it […]

Beating the summer slide

Summer holidays, a time when the kids lounge around the house all day, playing video games, watching TV, or generally being lazy. It’s great that they are having some downtime after a full on year of school, but too much brain-numbing activity can be damaging to their learning. A study by Oxford Learning claims that your child […]

The importance of continuing tuition when entering high school 

Your child has gotten through primary school and their academic prospects are looking up, so why continue tutoring? If you originally hired a tutor for your child because they were struggling, it may be tempting to stop these sessions when you see improvements in their grades. However, when it comes to tutoring, consistency is key. It’s not just […]

5 Ways To Make Maths Fun!

Everybody knows Maths sucks! It’s hard and boring and when in the real world will you need to know how to do long division? At least that’s how most kids think. But the reality is that maths is everywhere and it’s an extremely useful skill that helps us make sense of the world. Some kids may […]

4 Reasons to Get a Second Language Tutor

Learning a second language may seem like a daunting task for your child, but you will be surprised by how it can enrich their lives. It can be a fun and rewarding experience, building their character and widening their mind. When paired with the right tutor it won’t be as scary or difficult as you […]


How choosing the right tutor can help build self-confidence

Most parents don’t need to be convinced that tutoring is important. Any parent who has seen their child’s grades improve after dedicated tutoring sessions will attest to it. However, choosing the right tutor has an impact on children beyond their next test or due assignment. The qualities and confidence that can be imbued into students […]

How a tutor can help set realistic goals

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In schools there is a keen focus on setting academic goals, though there can also beencouragement towards setting interpersonal goals or goals related to emotional resilience. What is important, however, is to understand how nurturing effective goal-setting behaviour from a young age […]

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