Salisbury, South Australia

Available: In home

I am a dedicated student currently studying Primary Education at Charles Darwin University. I have only my final placement remaining. It was not until I started teaching children and seeing the difference I made on some of my students within only weeks of meeting them that I realised I had finally found what I was born to do. I was born to teach. Teaching is not about standing in front of a class or sitting down a student and telling them how to do it, it is about challenging them, making them think, helping them in areas where they need extra help and when they work out how to spell that word, or do that extra hard maths sum that I challenged them to do because I have the belief they can do it. Once I see someone 'click' that makes it all worth it. My teaching style is based on my own experiences of that 'click' and this is what I would like to pass onto my students. I want to provide my students, whether it be in a classroom or one-on-one support through tutoring, the tools to succeed. I will do this by working out areas where the students need help and work with them on that one area, for as long as it takes for my student to understand. Once I see the 'Click' I will challenge my student to try harder, and provide them the belief in themselves to set themselves up for success for life.


Primary subjects

Literacy, English, Numeracy, Maths, SOSE, Science

Secondary subjects

English (Junior), Maths (Junior)

Academic history


Bachelor of Communications - Completed 2010

Charles Darwin University

Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning - Rank Credit

Work experience

Various Schools

Teaching Practical - From 2015 to 2016