Fullarton, South Australia
I believe in hard work, but more importantly, I believe in smart work and methodical work. A good work ethic is essential, but we all want to get the most for our efforts. That is where I come in. I have had to work very hard and invent my own study strategies in order to excel at school and complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy at the University of South Australia. Currently, I am preparing for the GAMSAT examinations in hopes of pursuing a career in medicine. What I love most about being a tutor is seeing the change in my students. Not just academically, but as whole individuals. It has been a privilege to see my students become more confident and self assured versions of themselves. Personally, it's just being able to watch them gain a sense of faith in their abilities and the drive to excel that has been my favourite part of the job. We all need help sometimes, weather it's simply to catch up or reach our full potential. Either way, I am committed to doing whatever I can to help you achieve your goals.


Primary subjects

Literacy, English, Numeracy, Maths, Science

Secondary subjects

Chemistry, English (Junior), English (Senior), Maths (Junior), Physics

Tertiary subjects

Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Academic history

University of South Australia

Bachelor of Pharmacy - Completed 2016

Awards & scholarships

Principal's Award (Annesley College, 50% scholarship) - 2007